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Wireline Build and Reporting

Telecom data is scattered across contracts, invoices, and technical documents, making it challenging to manage your telecom services. MTM and GSG organizes all of your telecom costs and infrastructure information into a logical and easy-to-use-database, accessible with the click of a mouse.

View cost by criteria

Type in any criteria such as location, account number, circuit I.D., vendor and know exactly what the service is used for, its location and features. You can also create graphical spend analysis reports on the fly.

Know your cost for greater negotiation power

Armed with exact costs and service features, our clients are able to perform accurate apple-to-apple pricing comparisons for one-off market offers or major procurement initiatives, without any of the usual delays.

Upload data into any application

Save thousands of man hours otherwise required to collect, normalize, format and maintain inventory data and costs. With GSG, all data is preformatted for seamless transfer into any application, including all major telecom expense management programs.


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