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Three Easy steps to Savings with a self funding software

Step 1 -Collecting Wireless Data. Using three months of your most recent wireless invoices, MTM team of telecom specialists extracts all relevant information to create a baseline inventory of users, services, features and associated costs.

Step 2 - Mining the data for all possible savings opportunities. Through an audit and optimization analysis, MTM uses the baseline inventory to identify every potential opportunity to reduce your wireless costs. The results are then compiled and presented to you in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand Wireless Savings Report.

Step 3 - Confirm your savings and implement your changes. Based on your approved changes, our team works directly with your vendors to implement the required changes. With the final invoices in hand, we provide you with a Post-Implementation Report which gives you a concise before-and-after snapshot of your savings by vendor and service type.

Wireless Savings Report
From an Executive Summary that provides a snapshot of your savings to detailed worksheets that justify every recommended change, MTM Savings Reports are the ultimate tool in helping you:

  • Better understand your current wireless spend
  • View and approve opportunities for cost reduction
  • Communicate service changes within your company and to your vendors

Our powerful reporting capabilities ensure complete transparency of our process and provide you with a sound basis for making decisions about your wireless environment.

Complete Reporting for maximum savings

Audit Report
The Audit Report is a concise presentation of all the billing errors identified by our 12-point audit check. It is designed to facilitate the process of requesting and obtaining credits and refunds from your vendors.

Plan Optimization Report
Recommendations resulting from all analysis and optimization efforts are compiled into an easy-to-use Plan Optimization Report. These recommendations are presented both as an overview and as a detailed outline of all the changes and their financial impact.

Post Implementation Reports
The Post-Implementation Report confirms all service plan changes as well as receipt of credits and refunds. Furthermore, to support the routine optimization of your wireless services going forward, the report includes a post-implementation inventory.


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