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VARS, Integrators and CPE

We bridge a very specialized gap that is critical and immensely under looked by most VARS, CPE's, Integrators and businesses that yields an additional 8-30% net savings to your customer. That gap is the physical land-line inventory such as POTS and Hi-Caps that improves visibility into the organizations communication services. Ask yourself, how could a financial planner make recommendations unless they know all of the customer's assets? Having this information is a huge advantage over your competition. As you present your proposal and our findings on your letterhead, this will demonstrate you organization is approaching customers from a strategic planning angle. We have found the bigger the enterprise, the bigger the waste.

We have a proprietary wireless and wire line asset management tool for the client

The staggering fact is 90-plus percent of all businesses do not have a complete list of all physical inventory. We have found the bigger the enterprise, the bigger the waste. In addition, we have found on average that your customer can reduce their telecom spend by an extra 8-30% net by engaging MTM to drill down and map all the voice and data circuits.

Reasons why CPE providers or Integrators Partner with Morrison Telecom Management?

  • Increase's your closing ratio and set yourself apart from your competitor.
  • Smoother Cutover.
  • The customer relationship is more cohesive
  • We provide you with a proprietary document demonstrating additional cost savings from excess inventory or billing errors.
  • Any CPE provider or integrator that has engaged MTM early on in the process has never lost the sale.
  • Additional expertise without the additional cost.
  • More providers to choose from
  • You will bring a trusted advisor with maximum value to the table with inside working knowledge of the Telecom Providers
  • You will be compensated by MTM. Similar to Referral Endorser programs


More documents coming soon to the PDF library.

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